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2 August 2016 – The Importance of Marketing: Marketing is an essential tool for the success of any company today, therefore nobody can say that marketing is not  very much necessary for new business and startups companies.In digital marketing economy, we all need to focus on marketing because it works very fast. Even according to my observation and research that there are many startups owners don’t know much about marketing I mean in details, marketing strategy and how to make a better marketing plan for their launching process for their idea into an action plan? In many cases, we see that sometimes they have the best idea but due to less focus on the marketing budget, marketing strategies and limited knowledge about marketing background they get trouble. Here are some key points, which will help you for making a good marketing plan.

Brand Positioning and Development: Before launching of your business in a real market you have to do some market research and market analysis, in the beginning, you have to care about that what is your brand position? Do you have already some competitors? You have to start with benchmarking for your brand/products, this will help you to differentiate your brand with others, then you have to develop your brand furthermore, and at the same time you need to focus on your brand logo, designs etc.,  How unique it is? How stylish it is and how much appealing it is? Meanwhile, you have to draw a trendy tagline or slogan for your brand/startup; I suggest you focus on these things because after finalizing all these you cannot change, otherwise it will be costly for you. Once you are very much confident about your name, logo, slogan then you can move on next step.

Importance of Web Presence for Startups: Today when most of the businesses are dependent on the internet than it is very much important to make a unique web presence for your brand/business. Create a dynamic website which should be a customer’s friendly and link this website with all of your social media networks, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Where your customers can find details information through different ways, also keep in mind that it is very important to engage visitors on your social media accounts, it’s just not about posting information’s or updating your social networks, if you  succeed in social engagement then you can find potential customers and inquiries about your products or services. Today it is important for brands that how interesting is their story and how they tell their story on social media. When you have all this, a customer’s friendly website and social media network linked to this website then you have to move on next step which is a good blogging strategy.

Why Blogs are Important For Startups: Blog are a link between a business and customers, so for your startup you need to create a strong blog presence as well, because blog is the place where you can connect customers while updating and feeding new information on daily or weekly basis, today blogs are growing day by day and for companies their growth ratio is 48% to 62%, nowadays what companies do, they hire professional bloggers to create a unique content for them, this way they make their batter presence in reader’s follower’s mind.I suggest you create a nice blog , with simple and proper designing and keep this blog updated with all information so you can build strong relationship with your readers and they can be your future’s potential customers because they can build their trust level through your blog, it’s all depends on how frequently you update your blog and how quality content you post on your company’s blog.

Networking  and Word of Mouth: Use your networks and word of mouth – WOM, to promote your startup in the beginning, tell your friends and families members about your nature of business and activities, this could be a very useful technique, in some nature of business this is perfect to reach your first 100 to 500 customers without spending any money on advertising. Build your networks and public relationship while keeping in mind that you will promote your brand and services through these channels as your initial marketing strategy, because these people can be your investors or potential customers in the near future. There are many business examples that they found very good responses in terms of their business just because of their strong social network, I know one of my friend he didn’t spend money on marketing in the beginning and he called every friend, and person from his social circle to tell him about his business, and he received very high profitable response.

Viral Video Marketing and Startup: Another idea to promote your startup/business can be a viral video marketing strategy, I am sure you have watched many of these types of viral videos on YouTube or Facebook, can you tell me what is the logic behind??No there is sometimes no logic but there is creativity in all those viral videos, for this you have to be a creative and different than rest of the trends, create a unique video for your brand and upload this video to all major video website and all social networks, if the content of video is unique this will be a big advantage for you, this way you can be noticed by many people and can achieve good response for your business. Here is an example of viral video marketing; I hope you will find some creativity in it because the video is very simple but the idea is very creative and different.

Conclusion: Well there are many ways to make a unique and strong marketing plan for the launching of your brand/business but here I just tried to guide you less expensive and very easy methods to make an effective and worthy marketing plan for your business. I hope this will work for you, as you are a small startup/business owner, therefore you need a strategy where you can reduce the cost and grab the growth for your company, and what is growth for a company and how you can hack growth? I have a very informative article for you about growth hacking for startups, read here and shine your way. If you want to know how to write a one-page marketing plan, go through this free course and give me your feedback. Thanks and enjoy learning Marketing Plan for business.

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Growth Hacking; The Fotoblr 
Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking: Today growth hacking made life simple for startups and digital economy based businesses. Growth hacking is the most buzzword today in digital enterprise management systems, especially for startups companies, - as startup companies' nature of the business is based mostly on the internet and digital tools. So it is the most discussed strategy in every meeting by their top management. Many people like me are very much confused about the growth hacking terminology, and want to know more about it, that’s why I decided to explain this strategy in my blog, in the most simple and easiest way so everybody can understand what it is and why it is? Today every startup company is looking for this growth hacking strategy to gain good market share and-and a huge number of customers. This is a strategy, but still, it is very important to understand what the meaning of growth hacking, and how it works? Here is growth hacking definition for you in a very simple way to clear your mind about this term.

Definition of Growth Hacking:  A series of marketing techniques to achieve high growth and low cost for a company “First this concept was used in Silicon Valley - the United States in 2010 by Sean Ellis, actually Sean was the founder of this strategy called Growth Hacking. Growth Hacking was mainly used for startup companies to develop marketing strategies in the field of digital economy. Growth for companies is a very serious topic today if they are not growing as per their last day/month activity, it means something is going wrong in their marketing strategy. Growth hacking is now part of every Startup’s DNA and people are serious to higher some professional growth hacker to achieve growth for their startups.
Explanation of Growth Hacking: Growth Hacking is a marketing approach in digital marketing to be visible on the top of the market against your competitors and achieve huge sales. Here growth is the center of a marketing strategy and companies use different creative strategies, ideas and concept to catch this growth ride. The latest example of growth hacking by big companies is Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, that how they use different creative ideas and new strategies to get a huge number of online users and stay on top of the internet business. Growth hacking is a very much innovative trend in today’s digital business environment, where you can use new opportunities offered by internet and software companies to manage your business in a batter and efficient way to catch growth journey. Even now you can use these techniques in your own business or company even if you are not part of the digital world or startup, but how? The answer is in next paragraph, where you can understand that how growth hacking can be effective for your business.

How To Make Good Growth Hacking Strategy: For startups growth is like do or die strategy, either they achieved success in the market or they failed. Let me add something very important for you that you have to care about while making a growth hacking strategy; that always create a product, which has a major buyer market size and for them the product has a major interest, in other meaning people should buy your product, if there is not common interest for buyers than it means the ratio of success is less because your product does not have popularity amongst purchasers. Secondly always make sure that your product hitting the correct target market otherwise it will be difficult to get growth hacking. Do not target everyone but specific target market and always, in the beginning, try small segment of the market to get growth for your product or business.

Who Is Growth Hacker and what is His Job: The main and only job of a growth hacker is the get growth for a startup company at any cost, because in the beginning of your startups you can't spend a lot of money in terms of your marketing strategies and budget so it is his job to create a growth hacking strategy to get growth for your company at less cost, so this job is usually done by person called growth hacker, some people called him VP Marketing now days. He has to answer these question that how to gain more and more user for a business/product? How to engage them again and again with the product cycle? How to encourage already customers to spend more for your services? Here are some growth hacking examples i.e.  Hotmail, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, Dropbox, PayPal. If you want to learn what are the best five step for growth hacking than watch this short video, I am sure you will enjoy this amazing video. And if you are interested in learning free course about growth hacking for your startup than join this amazing website to learn more, and also have a look at this presentation as well. Well I am looking for a perfect book on growth hacking will recommend you soon my next blog post about the best growth hacking books.

Conclusion: Growth Hacking is very useful for those who do not want to spend a lot in terms of marketing, especially startups it cost you a lot, so through growth hacking you can find a unique way to catch growth journey for your business, as Hotmail did in the beginning, without spending big amount for advertising they gained huge growth by just writing a small sentence in one email i.e. PS I love you. Get your free email at Hotmail” as a result 3000 new accounts were created each day and after 3 weeks they were 300000. Amazing Idea, is it not??Have you ever tried a growth hacking strategy? Please share your stories with us.

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Video Marketing: The Fotoblr
There are many well-known video hosting websites who provide free video marketing services, with pros and cons, in this article I will try to present my analysis for some very important video marketing website. Let’s move.

Top Video Hosting Websites: Video is today a very important part in digital marketing strategy for any company, brand or business. With Each day video marketing approaches becoming very common whether it is a small business or a big firm. According to video marketing statistics report by Animoto that 84% people liked Video was shared in their newsfeed on social media, and from all over the world 51% marketer believes that video marketing has best ROI rate in digital marketing strategy. Let’s talk about some of the very popular video hosting website, after that, you can make a wise decision that which video platform is best and fulfil the needs of your video marketing strategy.

YouTube and Video Marketing: Everybody knows about that YouTube is the world most famous video platform, and each day at least you use more than one time this video hosting website. As per YouTube official information, they have more than one billion visitors in a month and people spend more 6 billion hours watching videos on YouTube. It’s an amazing website containing each type of information in video form. When everyone is there ,creating videos for their business why don’t you, start producing as much you can but quality content is key to gain viewers and subscribers for your YouTube channel. I proposed you best strategy for YouTube marketing, is you have to embed your YouTube videos into your website or blog content ,this way readers will take a deep interest in your articles and will stay for a long time while watching your video. The other strategy is start building your YouTube community, because YouTube is an active social media platform where many people visit and interact with each other’s through posting their comments, point of view about videos, and to get real information so stay connected with your audience and build your community on YouTube for future marketing needs.

Vimeo and Video Marketing: It is an alternative to YouTube, there are many brands using Vimeo as part of their digital marketing and video marketing strategy. Vimeo is not a big video hosting platform as compared to big giant Youtube.But as a part of your video marketing strategy, you can find more focus audience on Vimeo, and you can target them for your services. It is not free like YouTube but they offer an affordable price for everyone, which starts from $17 per month with hosting capacity of 20 gigs per week. For building your community on Vimeo you have to start posting comments on others videos and e there is high chance that they will follow you if you have quality videos content in Vimeo account.

Vine and Video Marketing: Vine is video hosting platform, by famous micro-blogging website Twitter, where you can upload a 6 seconds short video, I personally use vine, I really enjoyed this short video uploading website, My logic is simple, that everyone has 6 seconds to watch your add, your content, so be selective while uploading your content, because you don’t have time freedom to explain who you are, what you do, and what is your product and services. In Vine video platform you just make a video and instantly upland and share with other, it is the best platform for those who want to keep some information hidden from viewers during first interaction and later they invite or drive to their website where they have a complete package to engage them for long time duration. This is a kind of teaser video marketing platform. For brands Vine is perfect.

Instagram and Video Marketing: In beginning Instagram was a photo sharing platform but with the passage of time and popularity they allowed people to upload and share their personal videos. Now companies and brands are using their commercial videos on Instagram. It is a free and very easy going platform, you create a video and share on Instagram, the time duration for your video is 60 seconds. I suggest you, make a 60 seconds video as a teaser from a full-length video and upload on Instagram , for full-length video you can invite viewers into your other platform where you have your full-length videos, but I think 60 seconds are enough to explain a brand and business. Instagram is very popular in the young generation and people who have a craze for fashion and selfies photo, so if your business is related to these type of profiles that this is a perfect video sharing platform for your as part of your marketing strategy. If you are interested to know in detail about an introduction to online video marketing, start learning here about video marketing by a free video marketing course.

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5 May, 2016: In digital marketing, It is very important for the growth of your business, that you should keep an eye and involvement in your social media marketing on a daily basis. Nowadays due to the high competition, you can’t hold this for weekends only.  Social media is changing each single day and what you were doing one year before as part of your social media marketing strategy, today it is not the same , so you have do practice all new strategies and opportunities today while working and promoting your business in social media world. Here I am going to write some important tips for you which you can implement and include in your digital marketing plan.

some basic tips for improving social media marketing : The Fotoblr - Digital Marketing Hub
Social Media Marketing: The Fotoblr
Use Images on Social Media: When you post something as part of your social media business activities, keep in mind that only high quality and only related images will boom your social media activities so use some high-quality images to explain your business, products or services, because people more interested in looking over your photos, images instead of your long and detailed articles, posts or status. One great reason is why you should use images because images make a value in the mind and eyes of your customers and they keep remember your services for a long time. There are many websites who provides high resolution and good images for free. I personally use Pixabay for my blog post’s requirements.

Call to Action through Social Media: In your social media marketing, you can't be successful until you don’t mention all to a call to action in it. It is very necessary to engage your readers for further actions. For a call to action you need an interesting information, video, content and then you suggest a way to go further, which is a call to action. Normally call to action could be a free service, or visit to your website or something very interesting for your readers, which develop and build trust between both of you, customer and marketer. There are greater chances that a call to action could be a lead.

Authentic Information on Social Media: Whatever you post as part of your social media marketing strategy you have to be authentic in your content, and provide a solution for their problems or questions. In social media marketing, you can’t be successful until you provide high-quality information and guidance through your article etc. otherwise, your audience will keep them away from your social media profiles or networks. Be authentic and be a problem solver for your social media audience, will be a successful social media marketing strategy.

Relationship Building with Fans: While maintaining your social media marketing plan, you have to keep in mind that building a strong relationship with your audience or readers will reward you a high volume of popularity and trust building. What you have to do is ,answer their quarries and send personal level messages because business is always personal, share their quality content, which could be video, photo or post, comments below their post and appreciate them for their social media activities. I suggest if they are very authentic and high-quality audience uses some of them, recommend their work with an appropriate way on your social media timeline, this way you will have high popularity and responses because today customers are more personal to their favourite brands and services as compared to old times.

Re-post Your Content on Social Media: Keeping alive your social media marketing channels, you need to recycle your content after some time, share and repost your old or related content on all of your social media networks, I personally recommend this is one of the best social media marketing strategy to gain new followers, likes, readers or engaging more social media audience with your brand and services. But keep in mind don’t overflow on your social media networks but according to the trends and requirements find out your old content and edit a little bit as per needs and share with your audience to gain and engage more social media audience.

Stay Connected and Consistent on Social Media: I have seen many people and companies they never post consistently on their social media networks, but they consider that once something is posted; enough for, no that is not working in this case. You have to follow your all social media network’s profiles, on a daily basis. You can check the detailed insights through many social media management software and applications for all of your social media accounts and these social media marketing management software are also helpful to automatically post your content as per your defined schedule.

Follow Your Followers:Think of your readers, audience and followers what they want to read , dig into their social media profiles and check out where they stay, what they watch , what they share and what type of their social media engagements they have, how they comments etc. This is how you know their choices and then create a content and social media marketing strategy according to their choices, likes and dislikes and share on your social media. One of the great way to get more likes and engagements is that you have to take care of their likes or dislike. It is important that what they want to read not what you want to post.
I think in beginning, this is enough and complete information to start the social media marketing strategy for a business, Can you write what are your important points for a successful social media marketing strategy, please comments below so I can add your points to my article. A call to action for you; if you want to learn more about social media marketing than you need to join this  free video course.

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Content Marketing : The Fotoblr
I already discussed in my previous article that, what content marketing is all about, if you are interested then go through this article, here I’ll explain that what type of content you need to create for your products and services, which engage customers and sells your products. Today we are living in digital marketing and an electronic business world, where we need to create and send relevant information about our businesses and companies, through the relevant platform and  at the right time, and then we can expect that this will give us some positive results in terms of business development or increase in sales. If you create good and interesting content to promoting your product and services it is very much possible that you can generate more business from this strategy because the content is social currency nowadays. The important question is that what are those basic principles to create a great and engaging content while designing your digital marketing strategy. I will explain here some basic rules to help you out in this situation.

Relevant Content: If your content is not relevant to the reader’s choice and according to his interests than it is not possible to expect, some good results in terms of increase in your sales.  The content should be useful for your readers even you don’t like it personally and neither suits to your company’s business very much but it is relevant to customers interests so there is high chance that customer will go through your product and services because you build a certain level of trust level by creating high-quality content which may not represent your services. In content marketing, there should be a complete answer to a problem, this strategy will create engagement for readers/customers and he or she will take an interest in the article and further with your business information too.

Valuable Content: Before publishing your content or sending to customers, check the content, whether it is a valuable piece of information, story, and news etc. or not? It is ready to send or still need some editing in it to make it more attractive and engageable, Otherwise, this will damage your reputation as compare to your competitors, because they produce good and quality content and are very successful in engaging customer through their content marketing strategies. You have to invest your time to create a content that is valuable and wrathful in the eyes of a common customer or consumer.

Content Objectives: This is also important that each content should have clearly defined purpose and objectives, why this was created? Why do we need to send this content? And what should be an output for this exercise? Keep in mind that the content you are going to create and produce has some objectives in it, but  if the content was created without keeping this into consideration and no objectives were set than it is just waste of your time and resources. That’s why big companies higher special content writer, who create engaging content according to business need and requirements. Before publishing your content for your business you need to ask yourself that does this content fulfill all requirements and needs related to business marketing or advertising needs. It is interesting for a reader or not? Will he come back and easily follow the call of action after reading this content? Before producing content you have to define this segment.

Craft Strong Headlines: I will suggest you that focus more than 90% on crafting a good headline and subtitle for your content marketing strategy, because if the headline is catchy than you are successful in engaging customers with your content and then they will read a further article, newsletter, video, email, status etc. Create a headline that is able to catch the attention of readers. Subtitle is also important to give provide room space a reader to go further in details. One study show that most of the marketing campaigns failed to reach further because they use poor headlines and subtitles in their content stories, and a people don’t take an interest in it and move further, even though company have a very strong product background and services. So if you are interested to know how to engage consumers through a great content strategy go through a free course how to get more sales through content marketing, and redefine your content marketing strategy.

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Mobile Marketing Trends and Digital Marketing
Mobile Marketing Trends 2016
30 May, 2016: Digital marketing have many marketing channels, mobile marketing is one of the prominent of them in especially in 2016, mobile Phone is very important part of our daily communications and the number of mobile users are getting increase each single day, it is a basic necessity and important part of a person’s life whether he is student or working bee, not just the simple use of mobile but also the interaction with internet through cell phone is a major shift from laptop or PC to smartphones, because today internet is almost available everywhere and the rates are also much affordable. If I talk about-about business or marketing you cannot wait for long time to connect with your customers because you are part of the big competition, and the customer also has many choices, hence mobile provide you best and fast way of your business communication with consumers. Here I will talk about some major and important mobile trends, which are going to make big changes in business and marketing. One study about mobiles shows that people pick up their mobile phones 150 to 200 times a day and age group between 14 to 26 years use their cell phones more than 3 hours in a single day, that’s why most of companies and brands target young generations and create needs for them while promoting their products through cell phones marketing channel.
Video and Mobile Marketing: Video Marketing is also one of the important  channel of digital marketing today as I told you that everyone is busy and don’t have time to sit in front of laptop and watch videos, but today people prefer watching funny stuff and informatics videos on their smartphone screens, because it is easy to access a video and share on social media in few seconds, where others users watch and comments, meanwhile advertising campaigns targeted this segment of consumers and big brands already started focusing on video marketing in the mid of 2015 and this centric focus is getting high in 2016. So if you want to reach customers create quality videos for your business while putting some interesting and humor in it and share on social media networks. The future of digital marketing is video marketing, what is video marketing? Read my article in detail about video marketing here.
Applications and Mobile Marketing: As digital marketing is growing rapidly mobiles apps are being developed by many big brands and companies. As you know mobile applications already, which you download from android or apple store and use according to your requirements. The application is also the best way to interact with your customers and stay connected once they downloaded your application and they use this application again and again to get information, in 2016 those companies will lead their competitors if they have a good application for mobile or tablet users. Smartphones have options to download you favorite application, where advertising campaigns are linked with these applications, which is the best way to reach a customer with the message of your product’s marketing. You see today every big company has its mobile application and spend more on the improvement of application because mobile user loves easy and user-friendly application where they can book a travelling ticket for their journey or do some shopping online through the mobile phone.
Mobile Marketing Trends 2016: Mobile marketing trend is growing very rapidly because around 73% mobile users keep their smartphone every time with them so for comparing it is very easy to target for their marketing activities, imagine you are visiting a new place as tourist and when you use your mobile phone to know more about the place and different locations, for example, you want to know what are the top tourist locations to visits as tourist in any specific city while visiting, and through an advertising campaign you see a lunch or dinner deal by a local famous cafe or restaurant with different prices categories, and you open the link and know more about what type of meal and services they are offering, see how easy for a company to target a customer even customers enjoys this type of location-based services adds in their smartphones.
Mobile Payments in 2016: In 2016 large number of mobile payments is going to be pay by customers because everyone use cell phone to pay their online payments and shopping, people don’t have time sit in front of a laptop and shop for their self but they use their smartphones and buy their favorite items and pay by smartphone also. Today online banking is shifted to mobile banking and on some cash and carry’s you don’t need to pay by card but just scan your smartphone screen in front of scanner and payment will be paid automatically from your account. If you want to understand the mobile marketing in detail you need to join this course which is free, after that you can change your marketing strategy for your business or brand as compared to your competitors.

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Business and Social Media, Social Media Marketing,
Business and Social Media : The Fotoblr 
MAY 28, 2016 If the promoting business on social media is something different and new for you then this article is only for you to know about that how you can promote your business on social media, and why you need to adopt this strategy for your business. I will try to provide you very informative and simple guidelines through this article, so have a deep breath and start reading one by one.

Small Business and Social Media: Social media is very effective for small businesses because you don’t need to start with a big investment and even you don’t need to hire someone to manage your social media activities and strategies, with few  efforts you can manage this all by yourself. I am going to write some basic information about social media networks, which you can use for your business promotion, I’m sure this will be an effective strategy for taking the first step in the social media world for your business. You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, and many more for this purpose. Here I'll focus on main 4 networks which I recommend personally to everyone who is a beginner in the process of promoting its business on social media.

Facebook and Business: You can setup your business page on Facebook, which is free and very user-friendly social media network. Almost every small or big business brand has adopted Facebook as part of its digital marketing and business development strategy. I have written a detailed article about business on Facebook which you can read here.

Twitter and Business: Twitter is very famous in business and startup companies for the promotions of their business and services on Twitter, which is popular microblogging website. Go and sign up a free account with your business name and start tweeting about your business activities on Twitter, a short post with 140 characters has a strong impression on social media, where  you will find real and mostly professional, who wants to know more about business and companies or their services.

YouTube and Business: You can create a free YouTube channel on YouTube with your Gmail account and upload some interesting and good videos about your business activities, after a certain time you will find a good list of subscribers for your YouTube channel, I advise you to create quality videos with some fun and short information more about your business, and rest of complete information they can watch on your website. Write the URL of your business under the description of each video.

LinkedIn and Business: LinkedIn is very good for professionals to interact with each other’s and also for best to promote your business while creating a profession profile then put the link to your business website address on your profile. You can share post and videos related to your business, moreover join groups related to your business and participate in these group and discussions. Linked is a best social network for real and potential customers if you have an impressive profile.

There are many others social media networks allows you to create your profile and start promoting your business activities but I suggest choose only related to your businesses  activities and nature of business, once you have good following on your 3 or 4 major social media networks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram then you can start with others networks. Keep in mind before sending the requests to your friends and new followers it is very important that you have some qualitative and good content on your social media networks. This is the best way to win the trust of your new followers. To know more, join for a free course about Social Media for business. 
How to build your business through Facebook; A detailed guide for beginners I The Fotoblr I Digital Marketing Hub I

Facebook for Business,
Facebook for Business: The Fotoblr
Facebook For Business: Today Facebook is playing a key role in the promotion of business, whether they are small and medium business or big companies; If you decided to promote your business through Facebook then it’s a great idea, and it is very simple to kick start. First, of all do some research work and find out that, are your customers using Facebook, do they have their Facebook profile, what type of activities they  with their Facebook account, what type of groups they already part of, how often they post something in those groups or participate in discussion forums. This will be great to know about their activities on Facebook, how much time they spend, what type of post they share, and what types of post, videos, pictures they actually like and share with others through their Facebook timeline. Even if you are a small business owner, running a small cafe or shop, store etc. in the corner a street, it is very important to know all that about your customers, before launching your business operations and activities on Facebook.

How To Setup Facebook Page Account: Than setup a free account on Facebook and create a personal page with your business name, and this page can be monitor or run even, through your smartphone by downloading an application, name is Facebook Page Manager, so people will identify you easily and will join you instantly when they will see your business page is published on Facebook, well I suggest you if you use personal Facebook account to create a Facebook page with your personal account and use your business name this is best way to drive already traffic associated with your personal account for your Facebook page which is associated with your business.

How To Promote Your Facebook Page: What you have to do now, is that start promoting your Facebook page, into others social media  accounts and forums, it could be twitter, Instagram, Google+ and email also, tell everyone that I have my business page on Facebook , visit at your first convenience. While writing your business page introduction and bio, try to use some strong keywords related to your business activities, for this you can ask Google, and others keyword web sites that what are high ranked keywords in Google search engine for your business, or your competitors are using for their page, so people can reach you through Google organic search, this is best way to get real likes and followers.

What Should You Post on Facebook Page: For the content which you are going to post on Facebook, you need to be very careful, don’t post regular things on your Facebook page, but related to your business activities, and don’t try to ask people like this page or post ,but try to build the trust for them, try to show them that what yu are posting is for their betterment or enjoyment , entertainment  not for your business directly, this way you can win customer's trust, because if you will try to drag them directly into your business they will feel boring , so post carefully, use high-quality images, videos and put some interesting humor in it, because people loves humor and content related to humor, also I recommend you if you create some good videos for your business ,it is the best, because video is today's  most important content in online content strategy for any brand, over 60 % online visitors love to watch videos. I believe the future of digital marketing is very much about video marketing for business.

Facebook Page Advertising For Business: You can use Facebook advertising platform to reach your target clients on Facebook, the most interesting things I have noticed in Facebook advertising is that you can target a specific age, gender and area to promote your business through your online advertising campaigns, means if you want to advertise your cafe business in your city only so you don’t need to choose the whole country while launching your advertising campaigns, just select your city  and wait for response, will be wonderful!

How to Engage Audience on Facebook: Social Engagement is key while focusing on online business strategies, so engage with your customers, ask them for feedback and reply their queries, because Facebook users love to interact with genuine people and feels great if someone is real and reply their queries and questions. So stay connected with your followers without demanding and business deal or visit, Stay normal and build trust. Provide the link to your blog or website on your Facebook page ,so people can visit your website in details where they can know more about your business activities, for website I suggest you it should be simple and visitors friendly, every part of your website should be visible ,clear and readable, don’t put too much information, but upload some great videos what you offer through your business. One great thing you can do to win more customers through Facebook page offer some great deals and bumper offers regarding your business , some discounts coupon or referral program because mostly online users try to find some deals , packages and discounts into business pages groups. This is a great way, in the beginning, to introduce your business to new clients and get some likes and followers on your Facebook page.

Facebook Page’s Insights: Finally, an interesting thing is that you can get full insights of your Facebook page, that how many people visited your page, how many likes and new followers every day or every week, which area they belongs and how they landed on your Facebook page, it was Google search or Facebook advertising, which post they likes and share with others , I ‘m sure you will like to know all activities in details through this feature that what's going on with your Facebook page, and what strategies you need to change or repeat while promoting your business on Facebook Page. Wrapping up my post, I will suggest that don’t let it go, Facebook is future of business, go and participate to increase your business revenue through the Facebook republic; for more learn about Facebook training for Business.